Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Surprise Dinner

So early last week, Eeb said to me 'Hey, I booked dinner for 7.30pm on Wednesday'. And naturally, I asked where the dinner was going to be but Eeb being Eeb, he refused to tell me. So I guess you could call it a surprise dinner.  

This is how the night went. Finished gym at 6.30, went home, showered and left the house at 7pm. Eeb even dressed up (if you know Eeb you'd know this is a rare occasion)
Looking sharp!
After driving for about 30 minutes or so, we finally arrived at the destination. Ta-da~
Istanbul Turkish Restaurant
Not really knowing what to expect, well, I've never tried Turkish food before, I went in with an open mind...

Eeb had bought a Scoopon voucher, so what we had was actually part of a set meal. It was pretty much the 'Set Menu Per Head' minus the Dessert. 

As part of the 'Mixed Dip Combination' we were allowed to choose up to 3 dips. We ended up with:
#3 Hummus - As a backup (just in case I didn't like the other two at least I know how hummus tastes like)
#4 Patlican Ezmesi - This was actually really good! Tasted like sour cream, but a creamier version
#11 Muhambura - Highly recommended by the staff and easily the best of all 3 that we tried. Very rich in flavour with a tinge of spice added to it. I'm not usually good with spicy food but this was okay for me. 

First up - the Mixed Dip Combination starting from top left in a clockwise movement, we've got the Muhambura, Patlican Ezmesi and ending at the bottom, the Hummus dip.

Then we had the 'Pides' from left to right, 'Spinach and cheese', 'Lamb and cheese', and lastly 'Chicken and Mushroom'. 

Not long after we finished with both the Dips and Pides, we got our main meal - the Mixed Grill. Now I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is extremely satisfying. There was generous servings of the different kinds of meat and my favourite was the lamb.

Oh right, almost forgot about the salad. Yeah. 

Look who's a happy boy after cleaning the plate up. Aww.. so cute  

Now, some photos of the deco. Love love love the chandeliers!  

Table mat which is actually under the glass. Taken with my Casio camera under HDR Art mode.

Wallpaper - so pretty! Again, taken with HDR Art mode.

Hosgeldiniz which obviously means 'Welcome' in Turkish. Ah, what do you know, learn something new every day!

All in all, food was really good and satisfying! Would definitely recommend to anyone who would like to try some Turkish food in Perth. 

So, I guess Eeb deserves a kiss then. 

Night all! 

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